Our Custom Services

MAXexpansion.comTM offers many custom options to meet your specific needs and wants. Below are a list of possible customization options MAXexpansion.comTM offers for your product.

Cosmetic changes

We can paint and silkscreen any of our products with your color, name, and logo to provide you with a ready-made platform for your product.

Customization flow chart

Complete integration

We can configure any expansion enclosure with your select boards and test the integrated unit to your specifications.

Semi-Custom design

Our design engineers can re-design any of our products to include more slots, power, or cooling to meet your most demanding applications. In addition, if any of the products featured on maxexpansion.com don't quite fit your needs, we can offer a completely new design that will work best for you.


Connectivity Packages Gen2 Gen3
Thunderbolt 10 Gb/s -
PCIe x1 5 Gb/s 8 Gb/s
PCIe x4 20 Gb/s 24 Gb/s
PCIe x8 40 Gb/s 64 Gb/s
PCIe x16 80 Gb/s 128 Gb/s


Thunderbolt, PCIe x1, x4, x8 and x16 cables

Call us at (888) 236-5454 to speak to a sales engineer and learn about the many custom possibilities.