µCUBE2 expansion enclosure, 3 PCIe 3.0 slots

nCUBE2 desktop expansion enclosureThunderbolt

The µCUBE2 desktop enclosure supports up to three full-height I/O cards up to 9.55" long and includes a PCIe cable adapter and cable or Thunderbolt cable and a 180-watt power supply.




Weight: 13 lb
1 week


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Super useful and works like a charm! This is an absolutely handy enclosure. Over the last few months, I've dropped in relatively inexpensive Mercury Accelsior and Apricorn Velocity x2 cards into the uCUBE2 and have instantly created a convenient, easy to swap, portable cache and storage system, particularly for video (though I can already see a number of other great uses for it). This has been a fantastic way to introduce SIGNIFICANT gains in speed, particularly when using Adobe After Effects and Premiere. It's rugged enough to be useable, and lightweight and compact enough to take on location. When my preview and render times improve like that, AND I can jump between thunderbolt hosts, AND I can pull some impressive client-pleasing magic on location with only a laptop and a uCUBE2... AND... it's affordable... well.... that's a notable product! (It's even handy when you want to free yourself from the primary workstations and go work on the couch in the living room with only this and a laptop! ... purely speculating, of course : ) I can only imagine what could be achieved with some of the higher-end add-in cards maxexpansion carries here. Also, this little box could come in quite handy for audio guys with PCIe-based audio interfaces. For those jumping to a new mac pro, this could SERIOUSLY ease the upgrade path pain.
In the world of the new Mac Pro, PCI expansion boxes are a must. The uCUBE2 was our choice -- and I'd defintely make the same choice again. It allows us to add PCI cards, additional ports, powerful processing cards and additional hard drives. It's EXTREMELY POWERFUL and has been a great way to make use of Thunderbolt. In my research, I found that the uCUBE2 is more powerful and supplies more power per card than the competitors. So -- easy choice to make. In terms of appearances, the uCUBE2 looks great and matches our Mac Pro (the cylinder) perfectly for when clients are in for sessions. We are very happy with the uCUBE2 and certainly recommend it.