Product Manuals

Product For the OSS products where every detail of instruction is crucial, take a look at our product manuals. They contain installation information, details and specs that are helpful towards using your new product.

PCIe Cable Adapters
PCIe x4 Gen2 Cable Adapter
PCIe x8 Gen2 Cable Adapter
PCIe x16 Gen2 Cable Adapter
ExpressCard x4 Cable Adapter ExpressCard x1 Cable Adapter

PCIe x8 Gen1 Cable Adapter
PCIe x4/x8 Gen2 ELB Board
PCIe x4 Gen2 Switch Board
PCIe x8 Gen3 Dual/Quad Cable Adapter


PCIe Expansion Kits
Expansion Kit 1500
Expansion Kit 3500
Expansion Kit 7500
Expansion Kit 8000
Expansion Kit 9000






Expansion Systems
1U Server
3U Server
U Expansion Enclosure