Purchase Order Policy

Maxexpansion.com gladly accepts Purchase Orders for pre-approved accounts.
To request that your account be setup for terms with One Stop Systems,
please complete these steps;


1- Create an account and complete the email validation process.

2 - Submit your credit reference sheet OR fill out the credit application found here.

3 - Read and sign the Terms and Conditions form found here.

4 - Fill out the W-9 form found here.

5 - Send all forms to credit@onestopsystems.com or fax to (760) 745-9824.

6 - We will enable your account for PO's within 2 business days and notify you when ready.


All Purchase Orders are handled by One Stop Systems.

Please make PO's out to One Stop Systems, Inc.


Maxexpansion.com / One Stop Systems accepts Purchase Orders only for orders greater than $3,000.

For orders less than $3,000, please make your purchases with a credit card.